Farm Surveying is defined as the process by which measurement of land is made on the farm. Such measurements by tables, plans or layout are done for specific purposes. It can also mean the measuring and mapping out of the position, size and boundaries of an area of farmland.

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New challenges in the current global era reinforce the need for sustainable agriculture in various countries. Efforts to make new breakthroughs in life survival have become more aggressive and aggressive for the implementation and achievement of precision agriculture that prioritizes improvements in the environmental, social and economic dimensions. Agro-industry is a systematic and integrated agricultural activity from upstream to downstream (from land to table) that must be continuously monitored and controlled so that the product transformation journey in each supply chain runs well, safely, economically, efficiently, effectively, and sustainably.


  • Less expensive than most traditional farm equipment, drones offer a better overview of crops and ability to cover large areas more efficiently and accurately.
  • Flight planning and automation enables professionals to be proactive in monitoring their crop health and ecosystem.
  • RTK syncing technologies stamp centimeter-level precision positioning and time information to the data. Powerful data analysis software solutions give meaningful insight from the data collected, such as nutrient deficiencies, pest damage, and more.
  • Actionable data means that professionals can send in crop spraying drones to target problem areas.

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