Discovery remotely operated electric boat was designed to make safe and efficient unmanned measurements of current ,bathymetry ,it can be equipped with ADCPs and a variety of other instruments,such as GPS, echo sounder.,etc.

We focus on quality

We know the future is unmanned, and that effective and quality products improve our future

Discovery USV Features

The hull is constructed by high-impact UV-resistant HDPE ,the boats powerful outdrives and the efficient V- bottom produces smooth ,predicable ,even in choppy waters.the large watertight electronic compartment is spacious and easily accessible.

Discovery remote control range up to 2km, and the batter life up to 3 hours, fully meets the need of surveying standard.

The autonomous future is electric, and the Otter is equipped with electric thrusters that are powered by up to 4 powerful and easily interchangeable battery packs. This gives the Otter a best-in-class endurance for its size.

It is easy to move by 2 persons and can be transported by mini car, a standard logistics transportation is available.

We focus on performance.

The Otter is the newest member of our USV family. With a footprint of only 200 x 105 x 85cm and a weight of 95 kg, it is an easily deployable asset that can be transported in a van or even within normal airliners to the survey site. Electric propulsion and a tightly integrated bathymetric survey system makes this system a cost-efficient turn-key solution for bathymetric surveys in sheltered waters such as smaller lakes, canals, rivers, ponds and harbour areas.

Cost Effective Risk-Reducing Data Acquisition

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