Slide Echo Sounder
Multi Beam


For High Resolution Bathymetry

Introducing powerful, ultra compact and high-resolution multibeam sonar from NORBIT.

The WBMS series are the most compact sonars designed for use on all platforms. With approx 40W power consumption, the system is suitable to operate from battery. NORBIT’s wideband multibeam technology facilitates long range realtime data collection and at the same time achieves high resolution data.

The WBMS sonars are based on a state of the art analog and digital platform featuring powerful signal processing capabilities, offering roll stabilized bathymetry and several types of imagery and backscatter output. With broad R&D expertise NORBIT has developed, from the ground-up, exciting new technology that allows existing and new applications to benefit from the advantages offered by a compact wideband curved-array multibeam sonar.



  • Sub-centimeter Range Resolution
  • FM & CW Processing
  • 80kHz Bandwidth
  • Flexible Power Source (10-28 VDC, 100-240 VAC)
  • Simple Ethernet Interface
  • Roll-stabilisation, Side-scan, Water Column, Backscatter, Snippets
  • Integrated Sound Speed Probe ✓ Integrated Inertial Navigation Solution
  • Exceeds IHO Special Order, CHS Exclusive Order & USACE New Wor
  • Shallow Water Bathymetry
  • Pipeline Surveys
  • River, Estuary, Channel and Pond Surveys
  • Harbor and Coastline Surveys
  • USV, UUV, AUV & ROV Surveys
  • MCM & Littoral Combat Zone Survey
  • 900m, 4500, 6000m Depth Rating
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Motion Sensor
  • Data Acquisition Software
  • Senior Hydrographer for Support and Training
  • Turn-Key Survey Platform
  • AUV Version
  • VDSL Data Link
  • Permanent Hull Mount Option
  • Pole Mount and Travel Option
  • 200kHz version
  • Narrow Beam Along Track 0.9°

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