Designed by experts and manufactured from advanced composite materials, Falco delivers one of the most advanced, high endurance VTOL unmanned aircraft in the world. Harnassing Falco’s extended vertical take-off and land fixed-wing with a highly reliable multi-rotor system, and fuel-powered combustion engine, delivers unrivalled performance in forward flight, for a wide range of applications and terrains. A wide range of payload options is available for

mission-critical operations.



Data Telemetry/Video Link: TaiSync

  • AES128 or 256
  • Omni Antenna, 4 Section Collinear, 6 dBiGain
  • Cylindrical Sector Antenna, 12 dBi Gain

Control Link: 868 / 915 MHz

  • TBS Crossfire
  • TBS Diamond Antenna Gain: 2.88Db


Data Telemetry/Video Link: TaiSync

  • AES128 or 256
  • 2 x Omni Antenna, Half Wave Dipole 2.15dBi Gain

Control Link: 868 / 915 MHz

  • TBS Crossfire
  • Custom Build 1/4 Wafe dipole antennas 0dBi Gain

Autonomous Flight Modes

  • Auto Take-off and Landing

Allowing for fully autonomous VTOL take-off and landing

  • VTOL Transition

Seamless autonomous transition between multirotor and fixed-wing modes

  • Payload Triggering

Auto trigger payload once or multiple times using Geo Reference, Time or Distance Interval.

An override for manual triggering is also available

  • Guided Mode

Point and click autonomous mission flight mode. Aircraft will fly to and loiter (circle) at the selected location and altitude

  • Loiter

Circle around the point where you started the loiter, holding altitude for efficient flight

  • Return to Launch (RTL)

Aircraft will return to the home (take-off) position in Cruise mode until it is within the RTL radius, after which it will transition to Q-Loiter (VTOL) mode and land. Radius and RTL altitude is configurable in Mission Planner

  • Various other advanced mission planning and flight features available


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