Slide Echo Sounder
Multi Beam



For Rapid Bathymetric Surveying in Protected Waters

Introducing the all-new entry-level high-resolution curved-array bathymetric mapping system from NORBIT. This all-in-one tightly integrated broadband multibeam turnkey solution offers high resolution bathymetry over a wide swath.

The high-end sonar with globally leading GNSS/Inertial Navigation System (Applanix SurfMaster) embedded into the unit ensures fast and reliable mobilization and highest quality sounding for most conditions. The iWBMSe is an ideal choice for protected waterway bathymetric surveys; it may be mobilized on any vessel of opportunity and offers streamlined operability and good performance to match budget and project requirements. Additionally, the kit provides industry’s highest resolution multibeam side-scan and snippets for wide swath shallow water applications. The WBMS sonars are based on a state of the art analog and digital platform featuring powerful signal processing capabilities, offering roll stabilized bathymetry and several imagery and backscatter output. With broad R&D expertise NORBIT has developed, from the ground-up, exciting new technology that allows existing and new applications to benefit from the advantages offered by a compact wideband curved-array multibeam sonar.



  • Multibeam Sonar Tightly Integrated with State of the Art GNSS-aided Inertial Navigation System (Applanix SurfMaster)
  • 80kHz Bandwidth
  • Roll-stabilisation, Side-scan, Water Column, Backscatter, Snippets
  • Simple Ethernet Interface
  • Integrated Sound Velocity Probe
  • Hydrodynamic Fairing
  • Mounting Bracket Included
  • FM & CW Processing
  • Flexible Power Option
  • Exceeds IHO Special Order, CHS Exclusive Order & USACE New Work
  • Shallow Water Bathymetry
  • Pipeline Surveys
  • Pond, River and Estuary Surveys
  • Harbor and Lake Surveys
  • USV & UUV Ready
  • High Resolution MultibeamSidescan
  • Senior Hydrographer for Support and Training
  • Sound Velocity Profiler
  • Recommended option: RTK or PPK software (also avail. as a service)
  • 200kHz Version
  • Turnkey Survey Solutions
  • Hull and Pole Mount Options
  • Narrow Beam Option
  • Acquisition, Navigation and Post Processing Software
  • Can Be Delivered with e.g. HYPACK, QINSy, EIVA, CARIS and others

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