Slide Echo Sounder
Multi Beam


Turnkey Integrated Mobile LiDAR System

For Complete Above Water 3D Point Cloud

The NORBIT iLiDAR is the most compact terrestrial mapping sensor fully integrated with a high resolution bathymetric multibeam system. With 300k data points per second in 30x360deg coverage it is an ideal tool for mapping above water surface terrain for a complete picture from a single pass. A robust single cable connects the IP67 iLiDAR sensor head to the topside Sonar Interface Unit (SIU) – with fewer connections, a rapid integration and compact size, surveys are easily carried out from any sized platform by personnel with minimal expertise.

NORBIT’s iLiDAR laser sensor is an all-new multi-sensing concept that combines multiple tightly integrated sensors into one hardware platform with a single LAN connection to survey laptop.  Supported sensors include any combination of bathymetric multibeam echosounder, forward looking sonar, forward looking bottom detection and iLiDAR.  Allowing you to explore more with Norbit

  • Built For Marine Environment
  • Hardware Time Synchronization
  • Fully Integrated With iWBMS
  • Robust Hardware Time Synchronization
  • Single Cable Integration
  • 360 Deg Field View
  • Less Than 3 Kg
  • Harbor Surveys
  • River Surveys
  • Height Clearance (Transmission Lines, Bridges, Etc.
  • Beach Nourishment Surveys
  • Shoreline Charting Surveys
  • Aquaculture
  • Dredging
  • Rock Dumping
  • 360 Mapping
  • Senior Hydrographer for Support and Training
  • Laptop
  • Turnkey Survey Solutions
  • Pole Mount And Travel Option
  • Top-end INS (Roll, Pitch & Heading 0.01deg)
  • Acquisition, Navigation & Post Processing Software
  • Can be Delivered with all major software packages e.g. HYPACK, QINSy, EIVA, CARIS, etc.


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