Slide LiAir Series UAV LiDAR SYSTEM
Flight Planning Software

LiPlan provides tools for flight path planning, downloading flight trajectories, one button operation and more.

Acquisition Software

LiAcquire is a proprietary acquisition & conversion software which now includes an optional INS/GNSS post-processing trajectory software.

Real-Time Point Cloud

Visualize the point cloud being generated in real-time with the LiAcquire acquisition software.

Post-Process POS Data

LiAcquire + LiNAV allow for the post-processing of trajectory data which provides a more accurate dataset.

DJI M600 Pro Compatible

The LiAir Series is compatible with the DJI Matrice 600 Pro UAV and includes a convenient mounting kit.

Optional RGB Camera

Colorize your point cloud data with an optional Sony Alpha 6000 mirrorless camera.

LiAir Series

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LiAir 50

LiAir 50, powered by Velodyne’s VLP-16 sensor, is GreenValley’s most cost-effective UAV LiDAR system. The LiAir 50 is an ideal entry-level system or environments with minimal vegetation coverage.

LiAir 100

The LiAir 100’s design leverage the superior data collection capabilities of Velodyne’s HDL-32E sensor to capture up to ~1.39 million measurements per second and detect objects up to 100 meters away.

LiAir 220

The LiAir 220 is our latest UAV-mounted system. The LiAir 220 integrates a 40-channel Pandar40 laser sensor with a 220 meter range making it a go-to solution for power line mapping.

LiAir 250

LiAir 250 can generate up to 5 data points per laser pulse from its Reigl miniVUX-1 sensor. That, plus its 250 meter range, make it a well-qualified choice for mapping the terrain beneath forest canopies.

LiAir 1000

Our most powerful UAV-mounted system comprises of a FOG IMU for ultimate accuracy and a Riegl VUX-1 laser scanner. As the name suggests, the LiAir 1000 has a 1000 meter range.


The LiEagle integrates a FOG IMU with the Riegl VUX-1LR (1350 meter ranging capability). By mounting it to an aircraft or helicopter it can map vast and complex terrain quickly and accurately.

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