Slide Leica ScanStation
P40 / P30
Integrated 3D laser scanning solution providing unsurpassed speed, accuracy and range for demanding scanning projects

Leica ScanStation P40 / P30 – High-Definition 3D Laser Scanning Solution

Leica ScanStation P-Series 3D laser scanners are your perfect partner when capturing 3D geometry of civil infrastructure, creating an as-built representation of a large industry complex, reconstructing a crime scene or generating 3D data for integration into Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Leica ScanStation P30/P40 deliver highest quality 3D data and High-Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging at an extremely fast scan rate of 1 million points per second at ranges of up to 270m. Unsurpassed range and angular accuracy paired with low range noise and survey-grade dual-axis compensation form the foundation for highly detailed 3D colour point clouds mapped in realistic clarity.

Case Studies

Surveying & Engineering
Exact scan of two cooling towers
Scan till you drop
Exploring the rate of climate change from deep in the Earth
Game on with laser scanning
Fitting together pieces of a puzzle
When every millimetre counts
Creating a new ski jump complex
How Hollis captures, processes, manages and delivers reality capture data
Surveying Germany’s biggest aqua park
Capturing reality in one of the world’s busiest airports
Leaving a legacy in Vietnam with surveying & laser scanning technology

Building Construction / AEC

Reality capture for BIM
From paper maps to laser scans
Speeding up BIM-reconstruction
From tape to point cloud
Using laser scanning technology for retail redevelopment
Bringing BIM4ALL
Gilbert-Ash Constructs Mayhew Theatre at the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Off the boat, into the air
Advancing Mexico’s transportation infrastructure
Improving the railway infrastructure of a capital city
Scan, spans and automobiles
Mirroring reality for rail
Setting the world’s shortest railway back on track
Protecting heritage with upgraded rail clearance

Plants & Ships
Plain sailing with 3D plant design
SOS shipbuilding on scans
Sweet success in plant documentation
Bringing safety, productivity with laser scanning
Leica Geosystems laser scanners and Hexagon PPM 3D design software access ‘true reality’
Revolutionising the luxury yacht building industry with laser scanning

How Element6 delivers the future of Plant Engineering with laser scanning
Renovating complex structures with 3D laser scanning
Fighting time and tide to capture a 5-hectare coastal construction site in 3D

Public Safety
How Johnson’s County is recreating crime scenes with laser scanning
Changing the game for public safety professionals with the world’s fastest laser scanner
Transforming reality into photorealistic Virtual Reality with laser scanning

The reality capture of Ellis Island
Digitising the mighty Taj Mahal
Predicting the future by analysing the past
The lower, the safer
Preserving mankind’s past from mother nature’s quake
Transforming Ayacucho into a digital city
Digitising Frank Lloyd Wright’s desert laboratory
Digitalising the Spanish Royal Palace with laser scanning
Transforming ruins to 3D models
Preserving digitally Hukuru Miskiy
Capturing Egypt’s Sistine Chapel with the BLK360
Unveiling the mystery – an ancient water clock with laser scanning
Preserving Romania’s speleological heritage with point cloud and GNSS data

From the laser scanner to the office in near real time

Science & Education
Protecting the Alpine Rhine Valley from flooding

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