Slide Echo Sounder
Single Beam


Echologger AA400 is a low cost, light weight connector-free sonar altimeter with a data logging facility.

It has been designed for long term monitoring in remote underwater environments where cabling is not possible.

Through a high speed wireless Bluetooth communication, measurement parameters and data retrieving can be done wirelessly within minutes.
Exceptionally low power consumption enabled the device to be used for months with 3 alkaline AA batteries.




  • Fully self-contained device
  • No cables needed
  • Long life with 3 AA alkaline batteries
  • Ideal for long-term monitoring
  • High speed Bluetooth Communication
  • User friendly GUI software provided
  • Also controlled via a terminal program like Hyper Terminal
  • Ultracompact and light (~150mm, ~450g)
  • Various depth rates (100 ~ 3,000m)
  • Very unique in the market
  • Sediment Move Monitoring
  • Altitude Measurement
  • Wave Height / Tide Monitoring
  • Bridge Scour Monitoring
Acoustic Frequency 450 KHz
Beam width 5° (-3dB) Conical Beam
Transmit Pulse Width 10 μsec to 100 μsec in 10 μsec steps
Ranges 0.15 m to 50 m
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Sample Rate 100 kHz
Repetition (Ping) Rate Up to 10 Hz
Range Resolution Up to 1 mm
Interface Bluetooth v2.1
Digital Output Speed 115,200 baud (Virtual Wireless Serial Port)
Data Output Format ASCII TXT, CVS
Data Storage Mdeia Non-volatile Flash(2MB)
Activation Magnet switch
Operation Mode Indication Single LED
Power Supply 3 AA-type Alkaline Batteries
Operation Lifetime More than 2 Mpings (30 days@1pps, 3m range)
Operation Temperature -10°C to +50°C
Maximum Operating Depth 100 m (3,000m, 6,000m optional)
Housing Material PVC, Poly Carbonate, SUS
Dimensions D64mm x L140mm (Right angled version available)
Weight 480g in air with batteries (30g in water)

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